Our Mission

Our goal as a business is to provide quality used John Deere Mower parts and Attachments to you at a reasonable price.  Our pricing is in general based on 50% of the price of new parts, however some pricing varies due to demand and availability.  This pricing strikes a good balance between treating each customer fairly and making an honest living for our growing family so I can be around them more!

We thank the Lord who has directed us and blessed us.  If it were not for Him I am sure we wouldn't be here!  And we give Him the honor and the Glory and thank Him for the strength he gives to us to be able to do this.

We try to provide a variety of parts, attachments and accessories for the collector and the every day home owner caring for their lawn and gardens.  This includes a variety of different lawn tractor models all the way up to and including the largest Lawn and Garden tractors.

We also enjoy finding and providing you with odd, obsolete and difficult to find items.  Our customers include fine folks such as yourself.  We gladly sell to the average homeowner, the collector, Small engine repair shops and even the local John Deere Dealer will often call for items.