About Fulton Mower Salvage

Our goal as a business is to provide quality used John Deere Mower parts and Attachments to you at a reasonable price. Our pricing is in general based on 50% of the price of new parts, however some pricing varies due to demand and availability. This pricing strikes a good balance between treating each customer fairly and making an honest living for our growing family so I can be around them more!

Following are a few of our Customer Responses:

"I'm proud of what you're doing. Our area needs a business like this"  ~local J. Smith from whom we purchased some tractors

"You have a lot of John Deere's" ~ said by a customer the first time he came to pick something up

"My husband would think he was in John Deere heaven." ~ Mrs. R. Vaughn who was picking something up for her husband

"I would like to say thanks for keeping the heritage of those old John Deere's up." ~ebay customer

"tres bon ebayeur à recommander" ~ebay customer from France

"I'll be telling my buddies about you.  They have John Deere's  too!"

"What else do I need, now that I'm here and see what all you have."

If you're looking for the perfect mower deck, motor, transmission or other parts for your John Deere lawn and garden equipment be sure to give Alan or Doreene at Fulton Mower Salvage a call  (717) 860-4291

You may also email us via the contact page.